Marketing, Digital & Communications

Fully integrated B2B Strategic Marketing & Digital solutions focused on next-generation platforms. We engage our customers and their partners at a strategic level to provide holistic business plans supported by integrated marketing deliverables. Return on marketing investment is a key business imperative. Collectively we define key metrics which are set and measured to maximise growth.

Our services include Website & Applications Development, Search Engine Optimisation, Media Planning & Buying and Content Marketing.

IP Based CCTV Surveillance

Fully integrated monitoring system focused on next-generation surveillance technology. Have a peace of mind knowing that your home and business are under uninterrupted monitoring 24/7/365. We have partnered with only the best in the industry, nationally and internationally, to offer you maximum security.

Our services include Modern CCTV Surveillance technology, Offsite Monitoring Capabilities, Offsite Alarm System with Beams, System Maintenance, Data Storage Capacity and Access Control Systems Solution.

ICT Solutions

We take technical and sometimes highly specialized ICT procuring hassles out of your hands. We are accredited with credible solutions partners to only resource you with the best available solutions.

Our services include Accredited & Warrantied Computer Supplies, Printer and Printing Peripherals Supplies, Solutions Support, Data Storage and Solution Supplies.

ERP Resourcing

Our services include Solution Fit-Assessment, Solution Installation and Integration, ERP User Training, Use Audits and Optimisation

Supply and Installation of Solar Technologies

Solar Technologies Supply

With Electricity consumption rates consistently increasing, ask yourself why you haven't looked to the sun to power your business.

Here's a few reasons to consider upgrading to solar:

  • The sun provides clean, pure energy
  • Reduce your monthly utility bill
  • Reduce collective dependence on fossil fuel
  • Power independence from the Electric Grid

Fibre Networking

We Connect the World to You with Fibre.

Energy Management Implementation Benefits

  • Know how much energy the organisation uses in different departments
  • Monitor energy consumption
  • Full overview of energy in a structural manner

Our Services include Policy Audit & Formulation Management, Action Planning & Implementation and Energy Management Control

Fibre to your home

Fibre to your home

Lwendo Digital is providing Fibre to the Home at the best rates available in SA providing a giant leap forward for connectivity in Africa. Lwendo is working with a wide range of local, international experts and suppliers from across the globe.

Fibre for your business

Fibre for your business

Fibre is the world's medium of choice for high speed data and telephony. Significantly faster and more reliable than satellite services, it represents a giant leap forward for connectivity in Africa. Lwendo Digital is working with a wide range of international experts and suppliers from across the globe.

Corporate Connectivity

Corporate Connectivity

Lwendo Digital is providing specialised Fibre Solutions for Corporates that require superior Services with Guaranteed Up Time and lightning fast connectivity, guaranteed service availability and real time applications such as voice and video. Every Corporate is unique and a custom made solution is essential for every client.

Office Park Fibre Connectivity

Office Park Fibre Connectivity

Lwendo Digital is working with Business Park Owners, Developers and Managers to install fibre to all buildings in their business parks to speed up delivery times for Fibre to the Business. The Digital Team and our partners have been involved in various Business Park Rollout Projects and is able to provide sound advise on Multi Tenant buildings as well as multi tenant high riser Fibre Rollouts